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  • Breakfast

  • The Heart of the Sea and Mountain Plan(With horsehair crab half body)

    small bowl,Building,Grilled Dish,Stone,Medium dish,Horsehair crab half body,Rice,Soup stock,All 9 desserts(From mid-April)

    Content example
    Pickled garlic in soy sauce,Building(Assortment of 3 types of shellfish sashimi),Grilled salmon in the North Sea,Grilled beef on a ceramic plate,Stir-fried seafood shrimp mayo sauce,Horsehair crab half body,Seafood flyer,Soup with Utanobori dango,Fruits
  • Business(Casual)Plan

    It is a set centered on Japanese food.Depending on the situation, it may be a buffet.

  • Hairy crab

    You can add horsehair crab to the above dinner plan.
    1 fish ¥5,100

    ※If you make a reservation for The Heart of the Sea and Mountain Plan, which includes a hairy crab half body, an additional charge of ¥3,500 will be charged when adding half body to make one fish.

    Accepted by reservation up to 3 days before the date of use