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  • Enjoy your Hometown Plan

    Small bowl, 4 squares built, western food, grilled dishes, fried foods, stands, hair with 1 tail, rice, soup, dessert, 10 items in total

    Content example
    Pickled rice garlic in soy sauce, made (scallop, beekeeping, Slices of frozen masu salmon, Sakhalin surf clam), Grilled yolk with butter Sakhalin surf clam with Grilled yolk with butter, salt Grilled yolk with butter of cherry blossom salmon, tempura assorted, scallop with scallops and peony shrimp, cooked rice, (soup containing the Utanobori dumpling) Soup with Utanobori dango, fruit mini cake
  • The Heart of the Sea and Mountain Plan

    small bowl, 4 squares built, Grilled Dish, Fried food, Stone, Medium dish, Rice, Soup stock, Dessert, All 9 items

    Content example
    Grilled seafood soy sauce, pickled garlic in soy sauce, 4 types of scallops (scallops, sandwiches, Slices of frozen masu salmon, peony shrimp), salt-roasted cherry-blossoms salmon, tempura of female fish and wild vegetables, pottery grilling of beef, crab fried bean paste, raw sushi鮪, salmon, Sakhalin surf clam, scallop, autumn sweetfish), Mitsuba and Shonai Fu soup, fruits
  • Business(Casual)Plan

    Dinner content example
    Served with Japanese meals or 16 items - 18 items of buffet
    It is change depending on the time and reservation situation. Please note.
    An example)Spring to summer: Buffet center, Autumn to winter: Japanese set menu center
  • 【For groups】Banquet Plan