To the northernmost and Wakkanai tourism relay point. Natural rich mountain hot spring hotel in Esashicho Utanobori.

【Official】Utanobori Green Park Hotel | Hot Spring Hotel in Esashicho Utanobori

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • front desk

    In a quiet environment surrounded by majestic nature, relax and unwind
  • lobby

    Lobby with high ceiling and open feeling.
  • shop

    Esashi specialize in handmade goods from Esashi and Utanobori.
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Hotel Name

Utanobori Green Park Hotel


3665 Utanobori Penkenai, Esashi Town, Esashi County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Enter National Route 238 National Route 40 or National Route 238 to Esashicho Utanobori, and about 8 km south of Route 120 from Utanobori City Region
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Limited Time Plan

  • Hot spring renewal campaign!

    It was renewed to a large bathtub that was a hot water bathtub with hot spring water added. In addition, the bathtub with 100% Hara is renewed to Masuzaki!
    If you eat at a restaurant on Saturday and Sunday this month, you will be free to take a bath on that day! Everyone please visit us.
    Recommended for restaurant menu is "Shrimp Tempuru" 980 yen, "Roast beef bowl" 1,500 yen, perfect for cold days "Nabe yakinon mini rice ball set" 850 yen.
    Please come along with your family, friends and workplace.
    Restaurant opening hours
    Day section 11: 00-13: 45 Last order
    The night section 17: 00-20: 00 last order
  • Hokkaido Petit Sake Brewery Fair

    Please enjoy the petit Japanese sake fair with local sake in Hokkaido.
    It is being held at the restaurant Hakodake!
    How about a drink full of your favorite sake?


  • Announcement in January

    Notice of January!

    We are accepting reservations for the New Year's party!
    Transfer is also accepted!

    Hairy crab juice appears in the limited menu!
    It is 1,080 yen for set meal and 700 yen for single item.

    January exclusive menu at restaurant "Mt. Usuki"
    "Chicken steak set meal" appeared.
    Please eat it happily.
  • Changing hot water in January

    It is a hot water calendar of January 2019.

    From 1 days to 6 days: Jasmine-no-yu
    From 7 days to 14 days: Aloe's hot water
    From 15 days to 20 days: Shoga-no-yu
    From 21 days to 27 days: Hinoki-no-yu
    From 28: Yomogi-no-yu

    monthly, 10, 20, 30 days, Bathing point 2 times
    monthly, 26th(Bath day), Bathing point 3 times

Starry sky this week☆Index 彡

  • This is the starlit sky index of this week

    The first half is good, but I can not expect the second half.
    Saturday and Sunday limited hot spring renewal campaign is also over this month. Those who were dined at our hotel restaurant on Saturday and Sunday are free to take a bath on that day. We are waiting for you.

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