To the northernmost and Wakkanai tourism relay point. Natural rich mountain hot spring hotel in Esashicho Utanobori.

【Official】Utanobori Green Park Hotel

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • front desk

    In a quiet environment surrounded by majestic nature, relax and unwind
  • lobby

    Lobby with high ceiling and open feeling.
  • shop

    Esashi specialize in handmade goods from Esashi and Utanobori.
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Hotel Name

Utanobori Green Park Hotel


3665 Utanobori Penkenai, Esashi Town, Esashi County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Enter National Route 238 National Route 40 or National Route 238 to Esashicho Utanobori, and about 8 km south of Route 120 from Utanobori City Region
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Limited Time Plan

  • Year End & New Year Party Plan

    The highlight of this year is a special seafood hot pot!
    We are accepting reservations for the New Year's party plan!
    Reservations from more than 6 people up to 1 week in advance.
    There is also a shuttle bus, so please feel free to contact us!
  • Mercenary plan

    I want to enjoy sake to the fullest ...
    It is a recommended banquet plan for such people!


  • Notice of November

    We purchased 6 types of Daiginjo sake!
    You can order various 180ml 650 yen.

    November exclusive menu at restaurant "Hakodake"
    “Chicken Tenji set meal” appeared.
    Please eat it happily.
  • Changing hot water in November

    It is a hot spring calendar for November of the retirement year.

    From 1 days to 4 days: Shoga-no-yu
    From 5 days to 10 days: Yomogi-no-yu
    11th to 17th: Lemon no yu
    18th to 24th: Aloe's hot water
    From the 25th: Wine-no-yu

    monthly, 10, 20, 30 days, Bathing point 2 times
    monthly, 26th(Bath day), Bathing point 3 times

Reserve·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us