The LOVE discount from 1/10 is limited to various internet reservation sites.※Phone reservations are not eligible

【Official】Utanobori Green Park Hotel

LOVE discount from 1/10 is limited to various internet reservation sites※Phone reservations are not eligible


    ◆LOVE discount from January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) is limited to various internet reservation sites.
     ※Phone reservations are not eligible
    ◆Available customers
     live in Japan
     3 or more doses of vaccine or negative test results
    ◆About combination with various subsidy tickets and change of reservation
     HOKKAIDO LOVE Utanobori Green Park Hotel! Discount plan cannot be used in conjunction with various subsidy tickets issued by municipalities, etc.
     In addition, we cannot accept changes to reservations made on the day.(Number of nights, number of people, plan changes, etc.)
    ※Changes on the day will not be covered.

    The LOVE discount coupon this time is an electronic coupon.
    Please register for STAY NAVI.

Okhotsk Esashi"Seasonal Program" Now Accepting Popular Appearances!

  • Ice fishing from early January to late February!

    In collaboration with the Okhotsk Museum in Esashi Esashicho and the Esashicho Tourism Association, you can start experiencing Okhotsk Esashi!
    If you stay at Utanobori Green Park Hotel, you can experience it at a special price!
    Reservations for the experience are accepted on the official website or by phone.
    When making a reservation from the official website, enter the "Month" and day in the remarks column.○〇Time,〇〇Experience hope and description
    please.After that, the person in charge will contact you again.

    ※For more information, see Okhotsk Esashi's "Seasonal Program".

Only for hotel guests!  "Easy to stay! Hometown tax payment" From 10,000 donations

  • .

    In Esashicho, we are accepting new hometown tax payments where you can get special products equivalent to 30% of the donation amount on the spot with just a simple procedure.
    You can choose your favorite combination of many sea and mountain products such as horsehair crab, scallops, salmon, and honey caught in Esashicho.
    Guests who wish to donate should fill out the application form and bring it to the front desk.

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • front desk

    In a quiet environment surrounded by majestic nature, relax and unwind
  • lobby

    Lobby with high ceiling and open feeling.
  • shop

    Esashi specialize in handmade goods from Esashi and Utanobori.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Utanobori Green Park Hotel


3665 Utanobori Penkenai, Esashi Town, Esashi County, Hokkaido Prefecture

Telephone number



Enter National Route 238 National Route 40 or National Route 238 to Esashicho Utanobori, and about 8 km south of Route 120 from Utanobori City Region
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  • This month's alternative hot water

    It is a hot water calendar for January 5th year of Reiwa.

    From 1 days to 2 days:Peach leaf hot water
    From 3 days to 9 days:Shoga-no-yu
    From 10 days to 15 days:Wine-no-yu
    From 16 days to 22 days:Gyokuro no Yu
    From 23 days to 29 days:Rice bran hot water
    From 30 days:Aloe's hot water

    ※Cleaning date(Bath time from 15:00):3rd, 10th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
  • Esashi original gacha is being installed!

    It is a playful gacha where you can win hair crabs from Esashi, other special products, and hotel prizes.
    If you wake up, please try it!

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