Hot spring resort in nature rich mountains.

【Official】Uta Nobori Green Park Hotel

Accommodation Features·Facility

  • front desk

    In a quiet environment surrounded by majestic nature, relax and unwind
  • lobby

    Lobby with high ceiling and open feeling.
  • shop

    Esashi specialize in handmade goods from Esashi and Utanobori.
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Hotel Name

Uta Nobori Green Park Hotel


3665 Utanobori-henkenai, Esachi Town, Esachi County, Hokkaido

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Enter Route 238 Route 40 or Route 238 to Esashicho Utanobori, and about 8 km south of Prefectural road route 120 from Utanobori City Region
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  • Announcement of September

    Announcement of September!

    Two elevations using luxury eel
    "Hakata Heavy" appeared!
    Please enjoy the seasonal eel from now on!
  • Hot water instead of September

    It is a hot water calendar of September Heisei 30.

    ~ 2 days:Ginger no yu
    3 to 9 days:Wine hot water
    10th to 17th:Jasmine no yu
    18th to 24th:Hinokino no Yu
    From the 25th:Lemon no yu

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