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Information on Internet connection service in hotel

  • Utanobori Green Park Hotel, you can use the Internet connection free of charge through the wireless LAN in all rooms, lobby, restaurant.

Available devices

  • Wireless LAN(WiFi standard)PC with built-in adapter
    PC with Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or higher OS
    Wireless LAN(WiFi standard)Supported iOS devices(iPhone, iPad etc.)
    Wireless LAN(WiFi standard)Supported andoroid equipment(Smartphones · Tablet PC etc.)

Please understand the following points before using this service.

  • ·Wireless LAN connection service is implemented as part of providing further services to customers, but it does not guarantee 100% Internet environment.
    ·Regarding the communication speed, it is a service that provides a permanent connection environment, but please understand beforehand that it may be slowed down or not connected depending on the customer's connection environment and line congestion.
    ·Please note that we can not provide any support in the hotel regarding the personal computer and communication terminal environment and various settings specific to the customer.
    ·As for the security of the terminal such as the personal computer to be connected, we ask you to protect and manage at your own risk.
    We are not responsible for any infringement of virus infection caused by customer's own operation, interception of communication, leakage and erasure of information, unauthorized access to other personal computers, impersonation operation, malfunction of your terminal or any other damage .