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    Relax in the calm space
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    • Limited Offer, Hair crab juice
      Speaking of Esashi, this is it! Esashi came across a broiler crab juice.

      Even a single item can be ordered also with set meal (hair is juice, rice, small bowl, pickles).

      As soon as inventory runs out, it will be closed soon!
      Single item, 700 yen, Set menu, 1,080 yen
    • 【Limited time only, pot noodles and mini rice balls set】
      It is dull from the core of the body.
      A wonderful set with rice balls on a classic pot in winter.
      ¥ 850
    • Limited daily quantity, Hakata Heavy
      It is the weight which used eel two times in luxury.
    • Crab curry
      The snow crab and omelets outstanding compatibility with curry further complement the taste.
      It is our hotel iron plate menu.
      ¥ 1,000
    • Shrimp bowl
      Large prawn 4 tails
      Clothes are crisp, super size, the other day is a limited quantity menu that can not be tasted.
      ¥ 980
    • Restaurant Hakodake

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      11:00 to 14:00(13: 45 Orderstop)
      17: 00-20: 30(20: 00 Order stop)