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  • Restaurant Hakodake (Hakodake)

    Relax in the calm space
  • Menu of dishes

  • Recommended dishes

    • Crab curry
      The snow crab and omelets outstanding compatibility with curry further complement the taste.
      It is our hotel iron plate menu.
      ¥ 1,050
    • Shrimp bowl
      Large prawn 4 tails
      Clothes are crisp, super size, the other day is a limited quantity menu that can not be tasted.
      ¥ 1,000
    • Okhotsk three-color bowl for a limited time
      A three-color bowl that uses luxurious ingredients from Okhotsk.
      This is a limited time menu.
    • Restaurant Hakodake

      Business hours
      Weekday day·Saturday·Sunday·Holidays
      11:00 to 14:00(13: 45 Orderstop)
      17: 00-20: 30(20: 00 Order stop)