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  • Per building (up to 8 people)
    Usage fee
    May to September ¥ 16,300
    October to April \ 17,900(Includes heating costs)

    Facilities·Equipment etc.
    Cooking heater, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, electric pot, air purifier (with humidifying function), dryer, tableware, toothbrush set, rinse in shampoo, body soap, face towel, bath towel, slippers, etc.
  • Maximum number of people
    Facilities·One set of equipment(8 tables Maximum capacity of 64 people)/Writer, A fan,
     sink, toilet, Grill, Grilled meat plate
    Opening Hour, 11:00 to 20:00
    1 table(Maximum 8 people)\ 1,100, 3 kg of coal(With ignition agent)\ 1,000

    Food ingredients can be ordered in advance
    └ Please inquire when you make a reservation ※We accept from 2 people
    【Genghis Khan set】Genghis Khan 200 g+Assorted vegetables(1100 yen / person)
    【Meat set】Genghis Khan 200 g+Pork belly slice 100 g(1200 yen / person)
    【Vegetable set】Assorted vegetables 6 - 7(800 yen / person)
    【Seafood set】Seasonal seafood set 5 species(1100 yen / person)※Contents vary depending on the time.
    ※Brought in OK
  • Cottage living
  • Cottage Bed
  • Cottage side BBQ facility◇Center House
  • Seafood BBQ at the Center House