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  • Per building (up to 8 people)
    Usage fee
    May to September ¥ 16,300
    October \ 17,900(Includes heating costs)

    Facilities·Equipment etc.
    Cooking heater, refrigerator, microwave oven, rice cooker, electric kettle, air purifier (with humidification function), dryer, tableware, toothbrush set, rinse-in shampoo, body soap, face towel, bath towel, slippers, etc. 
  • Maximum number of people
    Facilities·One set of equipment(8 tables Maximum capacity of 64 people)/Writer, A fan,
     sink, toilet, Grill, Grilled meat plate
    Opening Hour, 11:00 to 20:00
    1 table(Maximum 8 people)\ 1,100, 3 kg of coal(With ignition agent)\ 1,000

    Food ingredients can be ordered in advance
    └ Please inquire when you make a reservation ※We accept from 2 people
    【Genghis Khan set】Genghis Khan 200 g+Assorted vegetables(1100 yen / person)
    【Meat set】Genghis Khan 200 g+Pork belly slice 100 g(1200 yen / person)
    【Vegetable set】Assorted vegetables 6 - 7(800 yen / person)
    【Seafood set】Seasonal seafood set 5 species(1100 yen / person)※Contents vary depending on the time.
    ※Brought in OK
  • Cottage living
  • Cottage Bed
  • Cottage side BBQ facility◇Center House
  • Seafood BBQ at the Center House