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From Monday, November 20, 2020, we will change the cleaning method for rooms for consecutive stays.

Cleaning days will be twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.There will be no room cleaning during your stay except on cleaning days.
We will not enter the room at all, only new bath towels and face towels will be prepared in front of the room.
We would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of our hotel guests.
  • Shin-kan Special Harmony + Western-style room

                                  Special sum + Western style room on the 6th floor of the top floor.
                                  It is a room where you can relax and relax.
    Number of floors
    6th floor
    Maximum 6 people
    53 m²
  • Shinkan special western style room

                                  Another special room on the 6th floor of the top floor.
                                  Please spend an elegant time on an important anniversary.
    Number of floors
    6th floor
    30 m²
  • Barrier-free special price + Western-style room

                           It is right next to the restaurant on the first floor and you can see the courtyard from the window.
                           There is an electric bed, and anyone can use it, not to mention the wheelchair customers.
    Number of floors
    1st floor
    65 m²
  • Shin-kan Japanese style room

                                 We have prepared 2 types of 14 square meters (3 people capacity) and 21 square meters (5 people capacity).
                                 Please use it in your family or small group.
    3 people(14 Square Meter Room)·Five people(21 square meters)
    18 to 27 m²
  • New building twin room

                                 Twin room available for couples and couples.
                                 All beds use semi-double size.
    18 m²
    Bed types
  • New building single room

                                  A single room that is perfect for traveling alone or on a business trip.
                                  All beds use semi-double size.
    13 m²
    Bed types

Number of rooms

56 rooms in total: Western-style room 20 rooms / Japanese-style room 21 rooms / Japanese + Western room 2 rooms / 10 other rooms / 3 cottages
Western-style breakdown: 9 single rooms(-) /10 rooms with twin beds(-) /1 special room

Standard room facilities

Some rooms Bath / toilet / TV / Satellite broadcast / Empty refrigerator / Trouser press (including lending)

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / rinse in shampoo / body soap / yukata robe / hair dryer / duvet / shave / shower toilet /

Facility content

Banquet Hall(Toll) / barbecue(Toll) / non-smoking room

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Golf(Toll) Shogi(Toll) / Go(Toll) Mahjong(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Mastercard / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners Club / UFJ

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Supplement for amenity

■Fixtures: Humidifier is available for rent.(There are limitations on the number.Please understand in advance).